WORKMODE Certified Pilot

Icarus Aerials is able to provide a wide variety of outputs and data to its customers using UAVs to quickly and inexpensively capture data. Our outputs can range from ortho correct maps of sites, to digital surface models, to 3D models which can be 3D printed. Below are some examples of our more recent work. The one below was obviously designed by a world class firm. 

Currently AJ Veneklasen is building the new FedEx facility in Walker. In under 2 hours we were able to capture enough data to create this ortho correct map, digital surface model, and can output a 3D model or point cloud to be imported into software packages like AutoDesk. 

A customer in metro Detroit had won a bid on a project. Their surveyor wanted to quickly and accurately amend their existing survey and LIDAR data at a low cost (while not having to take measurements from a large number of surrounding property owners back yards). We were able to fly the site in under an hour and provide them with files they could import into their software package (LAS/LAZ files). This specific map was made using known ground control points to increase the level of accuracy to an even more.  

Measurement of stockpiles is also possible. We were recently contracted to model a stockpile of mulch for Kingsford Charcoal. Combined with a density survey, they are able to calculate how much mulch they have on hand to make their lumps for a fraction of the cost at 99% of the accuracy of LIDAR. 

Here is a small chunk of downtown Grand Rapids. We are working on an entire 3D model of the city, and plan to have it printed. 

Some footage we captured for Plaza Construction on a large pour they were doing in Miami. We provide them with monthly progress photos for this project.