WORKMODE Certified Pilot

Flying the drone can be lots of fun, but it is an expensive tool, and certainly not a risk-free endeavour, especially over water!



Complete Shoot: $250

Up to 1hr running the drone. This is our average shoot length, and we are able to get MANY great angles in this time; typically more than 400! From this huge trove of images, we will find the best, and retouch them. This includes any lens correction, brightening, cropping, or what we consider "basic" photoshopping. Also, any videos taken will be provided, uploaded to youtube with a private, unlisted link. Videos will not be edited with this package. Finally, all images shot will be provided to the customer, hosted online by us, for retrieval any time. 

We attempt to split shoots by subject matter. Attempting to shoot a house, and a boat, and a car in one hour is not productive! If we have two boats that are always in the same shot, that could be manageable. We would prefer to focus on one subject at a time, but are more than willing to add on more subjects more an additional $100.

Premier Shoot: $400

This package is typically 2hrs, and allows time for us to shoot many pictures (over 600), as well pause to review photos mid-shoot, and make sure that the customers goal is being achieved. Perhaps we are trying to make a home look stately, or a boat look powerful. As we can take many angles that are rarely seen before, the customer may see a few photos he likes, and wish to devote more time to that angle. This package comes with 1-2 dozen highly retouched photos, and a 1-2 minute, edited and retouched video. All originals are provided back to customer.

Adjustments: $50/hr

Need the name of the boat removed? Is there somebody standing on the porch ruining the shot? Wish you would have move the cars out of the driveway? These changes can be made, but are billed at $50/hr. Every case is different in its complexity.